The hollows formed by the intersection of fiercely hewn contour’s are filled with an aura that is, alternately, dully aglow and luminously awake – as if the ghosts of dead suns were seeping, with varying degrees of success, through the sounds of battle. Yet, for ail slashing of forms and collisions of pictorial movements, the matrix within which these evocations of conflict are set, is itself rather serene.

Cultural Theorist

Mahendra Kadia

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About Mahendra Kadia

Mysterious force!

Born in India’s first world heritage city Ahmedabad in 1956. Mahendra Kadia is an artist with the unique and passionate vision in painting graduated from sheth C.N. college of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad in 1983. Painting by Mahendra Kadia is full of sky touch Imagination and powerful expression. He has got many awards in college and throughout his life including “National Awards”.


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